Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ceramic Flat Iron Info

With the introduction of flat irons to the hair care industry, straight, smooth and shiny hair is not longer an impossible thing. Flat irons have become the most popular and highly demanded styling tools for women, helping them to acquire frizz-free, long lasting straight hair within a matter seconds. In addition ceramic flat irons are highly sought after due the optimal protection they offer to the hair while straightening, thereby offering more manageable and undamaged hair.

Since ceramic technology is integrated in all professional flat irons of today, it make these products highly efficient in safeguarding the natural moisture of your hair by locking moisture during styling. Professional ceramic flat irons are also added with innovative digital technology and advanced features such as the variable heat setting and dual voltage options that make them exceptionally durable, efficient and safe while styling. The main advantage of ceramic flat irons like those introduced by Corioliss are that they are capable of distributing heat evenly throughout the hair surface which in turn help in protecting the hair from the heat of the device.

Latest ceramic flat irons are made with titanium materials that make it highly durable and resistant to chemicals, heat, corrosion, and solvents. While offering efficient heat retention, such materials makes the plate surface easy to clean and highly smooth. The quality of ceramic flat irons are again enhanced with the integration of technology that enables in drying the hair inside out, thereby seal in hair's cuticles along with locking in hair's natural color and moisture. Such flat irons are capable of straightening color-treated hair without fading the color or damaging the hair. Additionally, Corioliss has launched wet to dry tourmaline flat irons that can be used on wet hair so that you need not blow dry your hair before applying the flat iron. You can also choose the Corioliss Mini Ceramic flat iron that comes in a compact, discreet, dependable design for easy carrying in your handbag. There are also numerous attractive series of trendy pink flat iron available today that are highly demanded by pink-lovers. There are even lots of innovative features to look our while choosing a flat iron.

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